Montana Data Transmitter :: 2015

The Montana Data Transmitter Box is an interactive installation at the Lark Hotel in Bozeman, MT.  Users can see current snow depth, new snow fall, and temperature at various locations in the mountains surrounding Bozeman, as well as gage heights of local rivers. Data is displayed on needle gauges, honoring the overall aesthetic of the lobby, and flashing blue lights indicate new snowfall, a nod to the decades old tradition of the Bridger Bowl blue light.   The MTDT is a collaboration between ThinkTank, Hukel Designs, MFGR, and myself.

Magic Cuil Ball :: 2011

What runes do you read?

The Magic Cuil Ball replaces with normal text response of the traditional Magic Eight Ball with a short video reply, leaving the viewer to interpret its meaning. The videos are sometimes violent, sometimes pornographic, and always bizarre.

The term cuil refers to the level of abstraction of a response from true reality. The symbol of the cuil is the Interrobang, shown on the top of the ball.

Buzz :: 2009


Buzz is a mirror that reflects the state of mind of the user.  Anyone that has recently had a drink or is mildly intoxicated will see a red glow superimposed on their reflection.

Buzz contains a two-way mirror, red LED, alcohol sensor, and various electronics.