About JunkFunnel Labs

I am an artist/engineer/consultant living in Bozeman, MT.  My art resume is  here and my tech/consulting resume is here. Please contact me at csmith [at] junkfunnel [dot] com.

My consulting website is Junkfunnel Labs.

casey smith

*About the name: I was consulting for a firm while in graduate school, which was explicitly forbidden by the program’s student contract. The work the firm and I produced was to be shown at the Cooper-Hewitt, and the firm wanted to give me credit but not threaten my student contract. They proposed to list me under a pseudonym of my choosing. I had recently visited the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont, where I noticed a part labeled ‘chunk funnel’ on one of the machines. I liked the ring, and had the vision of a similar funnel attached to my head that directed random thoughts into by brain. Since Man Ray and Banksy were taken, I became Junkfunnel.

The original Junkfunnel image:

The original Junkfunnel image